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A View Of Our Procedure Room At Dr. Attaman, PLLC

I thought I’d share a view of our interventional procedure room where we perform the majority of our precise, image guided injections. In this picture you see a fluoroscopic c-arm, which is a “live motion” x-ray machine. We have a top of the line Philips Pulsera c-arm. This allows me to guide the needle into and around the the spine and joints. You also see a Sonosite X-Porte ultrasound machine, again top of the line. This allows me to guide the needle into and around nerves, muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments. We also have a motorized, carbon fiber x-ray table. An AED and “crash cart” is also in the room. For ultimate safety, we are only 2000 feet away from Overlake Hospital’s emergency department.

We also perform procedures across the street at Overlake Surgery Center, where we can offer IV sedation for your comfort and perform more advanced procedures.

Of course, just owning this equipment does not result in a well performed procedure. It took 4 years of undergraduate college, 4 years of medical school, 1 year on internship, 3 years of residency, and 1 year of fellowship to begin to learn how to do these procedures properly. It has taken a further 10 years of practice as an attending physician to hone my skills. The end result is I hold two board certifications through the American Board of Medical Specialties. One in the subspecialty of Pain Medicine (doctors that do advanced pain reducing injections) and the other in the specialty of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (doctors that specialize in conservative care of musculoskeletal issues).

In addition, I am certified at the highest level by the International Orthopedics Foundation (IOF) in ultrasound guided injections for regenerative procedures such as platelet rich plasma (PRP) and bone marrow stem cell (BMC) injections. We are Washington’s only clinic offering PRP and BMC procedures using the Regenexx system.

All of the above allows me to perform some really cool procedures and help a lot of people in a safe and effective manner!

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Jason G. Attaman, DO, FAAPMRDr. Attaman is board certified and Anesthesiology-fellowship trained in the medical subspecialty of Pain Medicine and Interventional Pain Management. He is also residency trained and board certified in the specialty of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. He is one of only a few with such extensive qualifications in the state of Washington. Connect with Dr. Attaman on Google+ | LinkedIn | Facebook If you are in pain, call Dr. Attaman's Seattle office (206-395-4422) or Bellevue, WA (425-247-3359) office.View all posts by Jason G. Attaman, DO, FAAPMR »

  1. Alfredo Ang
    Alfredo AngOct 24, 2018

    Dr. Attaman:

    I have severe arthritis of my right shoulder. I had cortisone injections (twice) that did not relieve my pain whenever I move my right arm.

    I am 88 years old. Do you think Regenexx can help me?

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