Suffering from leg pain?  We have a variety of therapies that can help you manage knee pain, tendonitis, sciatica, osteoarthritis, bursitis, and more.

We customize each treatment plan to meet your unique needs. Despite the particulars, all of our treatments can reduce or eliminate pain so you can return to your normal activities, or at least continue them with no pain or minimal pain.

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Injection therapy for leg pain

Corticosteroid therapy is effective for many leg problems because it reduces inflammation and pain. These treatments are usually covered by insurance and provide both rapid results and fast recovery times.

Some leg pain is an appropriate occasion for nerve blockers or other treatments where a pain reliever gets delivered directly to the affected nerve or joint.

Percutaneous tenotomy for leg pain

Percutaneous tenotomy is an ultrasound-guided procedure designed to deliver ultrasonic energy to unhealthy tissues and scar tissues that are blocking your ability to heal, removing the scar tissues in the process. The treatment leaves healthy tissues behind, and your body’s own healing process takes over from there.

This process also breaks up calcium deposits in the tendon, which can provide additional pain relief.

Other therapies

If neither of these treatments is suitable for addressing your leg pain, we have many other options. When you schedule your appointment with Dr. Attaman, we’ll explore your history with leg pain, current health conditions, lifestyle factors, and more.

All this information can help us determine which treatments will be most effective at significantly reducing, or even eliminating, your pain. As pain relief specialists, we’re committed to finding the best possible solution for your case.

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