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*I am a physician anesthesiologist who has suffered from chronic pain for several years. I have seen many doctors who have not been able to put a complete picture together of my various pain issues. I feel so fortunate that my internist sent me to see Dr. Attaman. He is so thorough in taking a complete medical history, doing a thorough physical exam, and ordering appropriate diagnostic tests to aid him in evaluating a patient’s problems. His bedside manner is excellent. He is compassionate and takes time to explain everything. He asks the patient if he/she understands. He is excellent at injections. I have gotten so much relief already. Unfortunately, many physicians today seem to have lost the art of the practice of medicine. The true meaning of the Hippocratic Oath seems to be disappearing. That is why Dr. Attaman is such a gem and a find for any patient with chronic pain issues. He is kind as well as clinically excellent. I would say he is the best physician I have ever had take care of me.*
-Doctor N.B.


*I’m a physician and wanted to write a review as a patient of Dr. Attaman’s this past year. I had been having lower back and sacral pain for about 10 years but due to a busy schedule had never gotten it checked out. I knew it wasn’t life threatening and that I didn’t need surgery. But just wanted to finally address the pain in as noninvasive means as possible. I was trained in the MD track (as opposed to Dr. Attaman’s DO track) and know the limitations of training in my field. We are not taught osteopathic manipulation, and I think the DO training in the musculoskeletal system is in general, stronger. I did see an orthopedic doctor who told me I didn’t need surgery, but could not offer much in the way of diagnosis or treatment. So I specifically sought out Dr. Attaman’s expertise because of his DO background and further training in anesthesiology and pain management. I wanted someone who was capable of doing osteopathic manipulation, but also aware of the care needed in doing a safe manipulation. I brought my medical records and recent films, and he diagnosed and treated me the same day. I have never had an osteopathic manipulation, but about 75% of my pain was addressed with that first treatment. I like that his treatment options are varied, from physical therapy and massage, up to to injections. I was finally able to go to physical therapy because he was able to diagnose my issue. I can’t promise that everyone will have the same results as I did, but I was very pleased with my overall experience with Dr. Attaman. He took the time to make an accurate diagnosis, used precautions by reviewing films, explained to me what he thought the issue was, offered effective and diverse treatment options, and was very professional. His office is very pleasant and staff are also very friendly and extremely helpful. I have since moved from Seattle but wanted to post this because my experience was so positive. Best of luck to Dr. Attaman, his staff, and all his patients.*
-Doctor R.D.


*It was a Pain Management Doctor who transitioned me to the right people and for the right diagnosis … not the Neurologist, not the Spine Rehabilitation Specialist, not my PCP. However, when I was referred to a Pain doc I assumed everyone had just given up on me and thought I should just be medicated, so I went out of my way to find one who just said no to drugs. Dr. Attaman in Seattle WA fit that bill, and regardless of where things stand with me today – I will forever be grateful to him.*


*Dr. Attaman is the first one who identified my issue and got me on track for treatment.*


*Dr Attaman was the 6th doctor that I saw, over a period of 3 years, for a chronic pain problem and the first to give me a correct dagnosis and to give me some pain relief. He takes the time to understand the problem and does not use a PA as a filter.*


*Dr. Attaman was the best doctor I’ve had (and I have had a great amount) He was very attentve to my needs, and truly listened to me. He looked at different possible solutions and made me part of the decision process giving me a choice. When It was time to have a procedure done he was able to calm me down and reassure me (which is hard to do) He did what was best for me in that situation. I am very satisified with him as a doctor, and a person who is compassionate and truly cares about his patients. If there is anything else I need, or call for another doctor in his field, I will only see him.*


*Dr. Attaman is such a blessing. He takes the time to review the history of what the problem is, prior treatments, and is very thorough and precise in identifying the “pain generators”. He then takes the time to map out a specific plan to help and answers all questions. He also does every procedure himself. Even if he is teaching someone else, he does the procedure himself. He is very respectful and mindful of my dignity and treats me as a partner in my healthcare and talks to me not at me. My pain has markedly improved with his help. I have referred several of my coworkers to him. His office does have a policy of not “inviting” patients back who miss an appointment without proper notification. I think this is because he is very much sought after and if you’re scheduled for an appointment and don’t show then you’ve taken up space from someone else who could use his help. However, they email and/or call to remind you of the appointment so really, be respectful and responsible and either cancel or show up. I recommend him whole-heartedly! Wonderful doctor to have on your side!


*I have suffered from chronic neck and shoulder pain for over 10 years. Tried all sort of doctors, chiropractors, acupuncture, everything you can imagine. One day, my primary care physician recommended Dr. Attaman; so, I decided to give it a shot. It has been amazing the change since I started seeing Dr. Attaman. After explaining all my symptoms, all different type of treatments and medicines I tried in the past, he suggested that could be related to a not very common condition involving nerve constriction by my muscles, he ordered several MRIs and X-rays to verify the condition. I was impressed by the level of detail he went through to make sure this was the root of my problems. I am in the middle of my treatment and so far it’s been night and day. I cannot think of anybody else more qualified and knowledgeable than Dr. Attaman to treat these type of issues.*


*He’s just fantastic. Straight to the point, good bedside manner, compassionate, intelligent, explains things well and a real go-getter! I’ve recommended him to friends, coworkers & acquaintances dozens of times.*


*Has changed my life. I have been out of a wheelchair for 7 months and love every minute of it.*


*I visited Dr Attaman because a friend had seen a physiatrist for similar neck/back problems. He offered a more useful diagnosis than the doctors I had previously seen for my condition (persistent migraines). And the solutions he advised, physical therapy and a nerve rhizotomy, have done far more to help my pain issues than the many drugs I’ve been prescribed in the past.*


*Dr. Attaman is one of the most amazing Dr’s I have encountered in years. He is very attentive to my pain and was very attentive in offering solutions he thought he may be able to provide. He did not b.s. me in any manner, talk down to me and/or make me feel unwelcome into his practice. He is truly a godsend and although we have not finished treatments he has already made me feel 50% better (3/6 procedures so far). I trust him and will continue down which ever path he feels is neccessary to help me regain my life. Truly amazing man and I am very grateful to have found him.Also his office staff is one of the most amazing I have ever encountered. Smart attentive and spot on. I can not even imagine a better experience!*


*I observed Jason Attaman treat my wife over several months during 2009 for pain management after two major surgeries and was very impressed with his expertise, medical knowledge, professionalism and patient care and caring. He listens to his patients, answers questions in clear and understanding way, and provides the attention and care they need. He truly loves his patients and cares about them as individuals too. With a nurse and 3 doctors in our family, I know and understand what good doctors are and can do. In my book, Jason is clearly in a league of his own. You will be very happy to have him as your doctor, as indicated by his repeat business, referrals and patients willing to pay for his services out of their own pockets, even when they have medical coverage under their regular medical coverage plans. Simply put, Jason is the best of the best. giving his patients the care and caring they deserve, need and want. My wife’s recovery was significantly helped by Jason’s care and pain management techniques and suggestions. She was very impressed by Jason and recommends him 100% plus with absolutely no reservations to others in need. You shall benefit from his expertise, knowledge and hands-on approach. His sense of humor and people skills will inspire confidence and make you feel better mentally as well as physically.*


*I have been dealing with neck/shoulder pain for over 2 years. I have been to two surgeons, acupuncture, a massage therapist, a chiropractor, and other pain management specialist. I wanted to find someone who could diagnose my issue and finally be on the path to a pain free life!
Dr. Attaman was fabulous and I would recommend him to anyone who is suffering from pain! Prior to going to him I got an MRI, two nerve root blocks in my C5, a trigger point injection, cortisone shots, the list goes on! What was found in my MRI was a small bone spur on my C5 and I was told by the surgeons they could remove it and fuse my C5 to my C6 (ACDF surgery). I felt I was much to young and kept trying to find someone who was willing to be less invasive but yet still be free of pain. They said some people have bone spurs and don’t feel pain so I wasn’t willing to have major surgery that may not fix my issue.Dr. Attaman looked at everything and really listened to where my pain was and heard everything I had done to try and fix myself. I really thought at this point everyone thought I was crazy for being in pain and yet nothing was working. I didn’t want to take pills every day or have icy/hot patches, ice packs, etc.. just to be able to work and live my life. After two trials to numb my nerves (C5-C7), the pain finally went away and then he burned my nerves on the third time. I was in a bit of pain afterwards but I could tell it was a different pain. A surgery pain and not the pain I had before. I have to say 3 weeks later and I am pain free! There is still a little sensitivity but nothing compared to what I have been dealing with since 2010. I am so happy and feel like myself again! I have been dealing with so much pain for far too long and I wish I had found him two years ago. Thank you Dr. Attaman for really diagnosing me and listening to me the patient!*


*I first went to Dr. Attaman for a pain management consultation, because I was having very severe pain in my lower back as a result of disk degeneration problems. I had already seen my primary care doctor and two other pain specialists. I decided to get one additional visit for another opinion, particularly with Dr. Attaman because I read and found out about possible procedures that could be done instead of surgery or cortosone injections. I was impressed with Dr. Attaman from the very first visit. He took the time to fully question me and to review all the medical records I had requested be sent to him. He understood my emotional upset related to the pain that was so intense that I could not sleep and it made it very difficult for me to do my work. He stated that my type of problem could best be helped by a procedure that would actually burn the nerves in that area of the back so that the pain could be reduced significantly. The process was arduous, including three procedures on each side of my lower back, the first two (on each side) being diagnostic probes to locate the actual source of the pain. Once that was accomplished, I then had the main procedure done on each side. Over a period of weeks from the time the procedure was done, my pain level went from a 10 down to a near 0 on both sides of my back. Needless to say, I am very grateful to this experienced and skillful doctor, and would recommend anyone with a similar back problem to consult with him to see if what he offers could truly make a difference in quality of life. Again, it happened for me. The procedures are costly, but were mostly covered by insurance. I am so very pleased with Dr. Attaman and the results I have gotten. I am back to exercising and feeling better than I have felt in years.*


*After taking my daughter to see a number of specialists including neurologists, chiropractic, accupuncture and physical therapy, Dr. Attaman diagnosed the original problem stemming from a car accident and explained why some of the other treatments hadn’t worked and why she was in so much pain. Prescribing a new course of treatment, which has been successful, has made all the difference in my teens life as well as validating that “it wasn’t just in her head”!! Can not say enough good things about Dr. Attaman as well as his awesome staff.*


*Dr. Attaman is about working with the individual needs of his clients and helping them return to function. If you are interested in multi-modal recovery and wish to make gains to get back to living your life, then this is the practice for you to get in touch with.*

*Dr. Attaman clearly invests in and cares about his patients. He listens attentively to concerns, demonstrates a sincere interest in progress and effectiveness of treatments, and is open minded enough to consider as well as offer alternative/natural approaches. Overall I am very happy.
I have been seeing Dr. Attaman for the past few weeks for the treatment of muscular related issues. After diagnosis, he offered a range of treatment options including both traditional Osteopathic medicine (soft tissue manipulation) as well as western approaches (injections). I opted for the Osteopathic approach as it is more or less natural and side effect free. The results have been excellent. I noticed an immediate improvement after my first session and it’s been a constant progression towards resolution since.

After meeting with Dr. Attaman a few times, I commented that I really appreciated the personal attention and approach he takes towards medicine (spending *real* time with patients – not a rushed 15 minutes, listening to and dialoging about concerns, discussing my holistic well being). His response? “Yeah, I am trying to run a different type of practice here.” I hope his “different” type of practice becomes “the norm”, we could sure use more medical professionals like Dr. Attaman.*


*I have dealt with chronic lower back pain for years, worsening within the past 5 years. Having two young kids and wanting a better quality of life, this was not an option for me. After PT from three separate providers, chiropractic care, massage therapy, and pilates I still had pain. I was told from two doctors and a back surgeon that the only way I could relieve my back pain was to have surgery. I was not happy with that answer, so I did a search and found Dr. Attaman. I am SO HAPPY I did. Not only am I pain free, but I can sleep at night, I can walk without limping, and more importantly – keep up with my kids! I feel so fortunate to have found Dr. Attaman and have told my primary about him (along with my entire family and friends). It is so refreshing to have a doctor who truly listens, provides honest advice and suggestions, and has an office assistant who is so organized and quick to return phone calls and e-mail. Even though I always see people in his waiting room, he makes me feel as if I am his only patient.*


*I have been seeing Dr Attaman for a couple of months now. Conservative treatment did not work for me and I thought I was going to be in pain the rest of my life. I was referred to doctor Attaman for a second opinion and since the first visit with him I feel that I have hope and will get healthy again. Dr Attaman is very knowledgeable, explains every procedure well, answers all my questions, and always listens. I like that he is confident and professional. I highly recommend Dr Attaman, as he cares for his patients a great deal and has a great team of nurses as well.*


*I have been a patient of Dr.Attaman’s for about a year now. After suffering for many years I went from Doctor to Doctor only to be told that for the most part I would have to just live with the pain and go on, as the years went on my mobility continued to slip. Dr Attaman has been a great help to me and is sincere in his desire to make things better. He has done wonders with my low back & leg pain, I used to think I needed an increase of pain meds, but now, The low levels I am on are working I am feeling better than I have in so many years and am lookiing forward to a great summer filled with a much higher level of activity. He is a GREAT Doctor!*


*I have been a patient of Dr. Attaman’s since November of 2010. Due to a fall down my stairs I was severely injured. I was numb in both of my buttocks and lower back. I also was in extreme pain. Dr. Attaman performed procedures on my back which relieved my lower back pain. He was sensitive to my individual needs and explained the procedures thoroughly. He answered any questions my husband and I had. I have had lower back pain since my early 20’s. I now have no lower back and are able resume my normal activities.
Dr. Attaman has been a wonderful doctor. I feel better than I ever have and now have a very optimistic outlook in regards to a full recovery from my accident.
I would enthusiastically recommend him as a Doctor. If you need help and are in pain he is the Doctor to see. He also is just a very nice and caring person.
His staff is great, Aubrey handled all the appointments and insurance paperwork. She worked with us to make appointments and procedures as convenient as possible.*


*Dr Attaman has helped me a great deal with my back pain.
I am very active and it was weighing me down. I had too much planned this summer to be down….and now I wont be!!!


*After many years of back pain, I finally got a GOOD dr who sent me to see Dr Attaman. I had tried everything from chiropractors to physical therapy and everything in between. After seeing Dr Attaman, he diagnosed me with arthritis of my lower back. I have since had 2 rhizotomy’s on both sides of my lower back and am mostly pain free. I am able to hike and do all the things I could do before, but was nearly immobile after doing them. Now after I hike, I can drive home and get right outta the car and walk into the house….whereas before, after getting home from a hike, I could barely get outta the car, was unable to bring any of my gear into the house, all I could do was come in and lay flat on the floor for a while. It was awful!!! Now things are fantastic!!! I have climbed Mt St Helens this summer and climbed to Camp Muir on Rainier!!! Thanks Dr Attaman!!! :-)*


*After spending several years trying to find some relief with organizations like Stanford and UCSF, Dr Attaman seems like a miracle worker. Taking the time to actually read the health records and a willingness to try looking at a situation from a different perspective brought about a quick resolution… I would recommend this physician to anyone experiencing chronic pain.*


*I was referred to Doctor Attaman by a doctor in another specialty. The other doctor told me that Doctor Attaman is good at handling really tough cases. Well, that’s me. For the last 6 years I’ve had trouble just sitting in a chair or driving my car, due to a bad tailbone problem, Prior to seeing him I had chiropractic care, physical therapy and seen a number of competent and caring doctors, going through procedures at three different hospitals, with no change in my condition. Since being treated by him, I’m virtually pain free, in fact I’m sitting comfortably as I write this.*


*I just got home from an initial evaluation with Dr. Attaman. His office was so accommodating and I was put on a cancellation list after getting my paperwork in and was called the same week! I have a very long and very complex case involving at least 3 nerves and my piriformis and he is the first Dr. to be able to put all my tests together and form a plan. We start next week and I am thrilled he could put it all together and understands I have many different issues going on at the same time and he is willing to see me through them. I have hope of being in less or pain free after 10 years of debilitating pain. So let the journey begin! If you have a complex pain problem see this Dr! He may even save me from one more back surgery that I was planning. Thank you Dr. A!*


*Dr. Attaman worked wonders for me. I had a series of muscles spasms occur throughout almost 14 years. The spasms would occur when I shivered from the cold, or when I stretched my upper torso too far. Years later, the spasms progressed. Then the spasms triggered after exercise. With the procedure done by Jason G Attaman, not only can I get stretch my upper torso, and exercise, I HAVE MY GOLF SWING BACK! The weather outside was very chilly this winter, and I may have shivered in the cold, and from then on (after procedure), no acute muscle spasms. The spasms used to stop me in my tracks. When the muscle spams triggered, I couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe, and couldn’t talk because the pain was so excruciating. Now, I am pain-free and pain medication-free and steroid-free. I do not need medication of any sort, because the muscle spasms stopped 99.9%. I may have had a little spasm after wards three or four times, BUT they were short-lived (5 seconds long) and never an episode like before (lasted for hours). I lost nearly 20 pounds since the procedure (I went back to exercise), and my bad cholesterol went way down and my good cholesterol went up very high. Finally, want to emphasize, I GOT MY GOLF SWING BACK!!!!!!!*


*I had seen another pain specialist and had been disappointed. I found Dr. Attaman on the internet while looking for another pain specialist. My first appointment with Dr. Attaman was enlightening to say the least. He laid out for me a program of treatment that seemed to be ideal for my problem. I had pain in both hips that had at times been so bad that I was unable to get out of bed. Dr. Attaman’s program consisted of shots in both sacral joints and following that the parting of the nerve going to the area of pain so that the pain ceased. I would recommend Dr. Attaman to anyone who is in chronic pain. He is personable and very capable.*


*I first saw Dr. Attaman in March 2011 after I had been ‘fired’ by another Dr. who sent me on my way with a prescription for a tens unit and a reference to see a psychiatrist. It was a hopeless feeling with no viable solution to deal with my chronic pain. I did my research and consulted with several people in the health care field and Dr. Attaman was recommended. My pain stemmed from a combination of issues: arthritis, rotator cuff and a failed disc. Over the past year we have picked off all but the disc. He performed an investigational procedure a few months ago and I am enjoying, on average, about a 60 percent reduction in disc pain. Some days more than others. But for the most part, I can do some light yard work and enjoy some of the activities I used to do without ‘paying’ for it for weeks after. I have come a long way in the past 18 months and I am better today than I was 2 years ago. Dr. Attaman has treated me with respect and understanding and has not been dismissive of my condition. I highly recommend him.*


*Dr. Attaman is a wonder! He is an innovative, long term thinking, & caring pain professional. I would highly recommend him. His staff is also competent with a well run office.*


*I feel very BLESSED to have found Dr. Attaman. He has much compassion and listens very carefully to all you have to say. His office staff is also very friendly and helpful. Both my husband and I have benefited greatly from his pain management skills.*


*I found Dr. Attaman by searching out pain specialists that offer more variety in the types of treatment they provide. I saw Dr. Attaman many times over a period of several months in which he skillfully provided non-steroid treatments to both sides of my lower back. I have had disk degeneration problems that have caused me such high levels of pain that it was very difficult for me to work and even to sleep. His treatments have reduced the level of pain on both sides of my back from a 9 or 10 to a near zero. I am very grateful to this highly skilled, intelligent, communicative, caring, good-bedside-mannered doctor who has given me a signficantly higher quality of life. I am thankful to have found him, and would not hesitate to return to his care if my body is in need of help in the future.*


*I was referred by my primary physician to Dr. Attaman after a serious fall. I had arthritis in my lower back, a herniated disc and complete numbness in both of my buttocks and partial lower back and leg. I was in terrible pain. Dr. Attaman performed a rhizotomy on both sides of my lower back. The pain is gone and has not returned this was done in 2011. Because of the arthritis I had suffered lower back pain since my early twenties, after wards no lower back pain. He gave me several steroid injections for the disc to reduce inflammation and I regained some feeling in my buttocks. After these injections the pain subsided in that area. In 2012 I herniated another disc and did require surgery, which I believe will be fine after physical therapy. Dr. Attaman recommended my surgeon, Dr. Jayashree Srinivasan who is the best. After having been a patient at his office for almost 2 years now, I can honestly say he is one of the most caring and compassionate Doctors I have ever seen. His staff was accommodating to our schedule. Dr. Attaman made my husband and I feel as though he was focused on both of us as his patients and would help find the best solutions to our health problems. He is certified in the latest procedures available and will always give the extra effort to ensure his patients are given the best care possible. I recommend Dr. Attaman to anyone who is suffering from pain and needs to find a doctor who can help them.*


*I have seen Dr. Attaman over the past year. He has helped me with my shoulder and back pain. He is always professional and caring regarding my needs and expectations. His staff is always pleasant and competent. I would probably had to have surgery if not for Dr. Attaman. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who wants to seek out alternative pain management. Thank you Dr. Attaman for all you do. You are very appreciated.*


*Dr. Attaman is a great doctor. I have had the best experiences and results. The most important thing he has given me is “hope”, something I have not had in the long time I’ve been battling chronic pain.
He has been able to help me in a way no other doctor has in the short time I have been seeing him. I appreciate his professionalism and skill; he is really fabulous at what he does. He is kind, knowledgeable, understanding, talented, impressive, remarkable, and terrific; all the things you could ever want in a physician. I highly recommended him and will continue to do so.*


*My wife has had long term back pain that felt like her back was on fire. After telling our old Primary Care Physician, she was sent to a pain specialist to see if they could help her. After about 6 appointments with this specialist she still had the same back pain as if it was on fire. After we got a new Primary Care Physician, she sent us to Dr. Attaman to see if he could help. After talking to her, he had determined that she had problems in her hips and her lower back. After doing the procedures on her hips, it was the first time in years that she was able to sleep on her side. Dr. Attaman then started working on her back. After injecting Lidocaine in the nerves in her back to insure that he had the correct nerves, he did the first what he called a Nerve Melt in her right side, she has had no pain and now he has started the left side. I hope that she has the same results as the first. She has use less pain pills and we hope that she will not need them. During the procedures, Dr. Attaman explained everything that he was doing. I was with my wife when she had one of the procedures on her hip and Dr. Attaman explained to me what he was doing and showed me how he guided the needle into the area that he was going to inject the pain medication into. He is one of the first Doctor that I have met over the years that has explained every step he was going to do and he really cares about his patients. I hope when I am not on the road so much, that my Primary Care Physician will send me to him to help with the pain from an on the job injury to my lower back so I don’t have to take so many pain pills. I would recommend Dr. Attaman to anyone that has any type of pain, because he is one of the best in the business.*


*I had been in pain as long as I can remember. I’ve seen many doctors who were unwilling to look for a cause, instead prescribing pain medicine or simply telling me I needed physical therapy, which I was in too much pain to do. Dr. Attaman reviewed my history and was confident he could help me. I was highly skeptical. After a few relatively simple treatments, I am pain free!! Pain free!! My entire life has changed because prior to seeking Dr. A’s help, my life consisted of nothing but trying to get out of pain. Now I feel as if someone has handed me a new life. I am more than grateful to Dr. A and his staff. And while we strongly disagree on a specific topic, Dr. A always treated me with kindness and respect. I would (and do) recommend him to anyone suffering through pain. There is a light.*


*Dr. Attaman is committed to reducing and/or elimiinating pain. He will stay with you until he finds the right answer. I believe he uses the most recent procedures developed to address pain. I used orthopedic docs and physical therapists for years and my pain continued. I am grateful that he has helped me consierably and that he will stay with me as liong as I need him. An added plus — he does not prescribe tons of pain pills.*


*I chose Dr. Attaman for 2 reasons – #1 Reviews. Not here, which is why i’m Yelping first, but elsewhere – reviews were stellar. #2 I’m not doing any more drugs. If I went to a pain specialist and they pulled out the RX pad I might have set it on fire. (ok not really, maybe just a page). His website and credentials made me assume that he doesn’t like to do drugs either. When I called to make an appointment, I was asked if my primary would write RX’s for me if needed – I flippin’ LOVE this concept – enough with the 5 different doc’s writing 5 different RX’s with no follow-up or monitoring. Dr. Attaman actually reads the forms you fill out. (These days, any Doctor who does that is worth at least 4 stars). But I didn’t just give him my 15 page form file … I gave him another 15 pages of test results and Doctor notes for 5 months worth of visits. During my exam, Dr. Attaman mentioned a diagnosis that was given by which medical facility – and not only was he right, but he recalled something that happened way back in February. After reading 30 pages of whatthehellisthisgirlsproblem? I didn”t need someone to hold my hand and tell me everything is going to be okay, I needed someone to look at the facts and make firm decisions based on their knowledge and the data. Dr. Attaman did all of the above, he even apologized for all of the dbags before him who did none of it, and as much as I claim to not need “warm and fuzzy” – there aren’t words to describe how NICE it was for someone to take the time to acknowledge my mismanaged care. When I left, I took 3 business cards. 1 for me, 1 for my primary Doc, and 1 for my PT. Maybe Doctor’s just need our help in building their COI’s, less dbag referrals and more healthy happy patients!*