Cryoablation Therapy in Seattle & Bellevue, WA by Dr. Jason Attaman

Cryoablation is an established pain-relieving treatment modality that has been in use for decades. It works very well for difficult-to-treat nerve pain, such as intercostal neuralgia, pudendal neuralgia, cluneal neuralgia. Unfortunately, the machines are difficult to use and maintain for clinics. This has resulted in virtually zero available clinics offering this procedure in the Pacific Northwest.

Dr. Jason Attaman is pleased to offer cryoablation to patients in the Pacific Northwest. The cryoablation machine we use is the Epimed Painblocker Cryoanalgesia device, which is the “gold standard” device used in the pain management world. It is not a small handheld unit that is more common that produces a very small treatment area. You can learn more about it here:

To explore cryoablation as a treatment option, call my office at 206-395-4422 (Seattle) or 425-247-3359 (Bellevue), or email us, or schedule an appointment online.

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