Sacroiliitis is a condition in which the joints in your lower spine and pelvis become inflamed. This can result in severe lower back pain that can radiate down your legs, making it difficult to work, live, and function.  Often sacroiliitis is a result of arthritis, but can also be caused by trauma or even pregnancy.

Does sacroiliitis go away on its own?

Sacroiliitis rarely goes away on its own. Occasionally an acute case may go away on its own with rest, but most cases will need some form of treatment.

It’s best to make an appointment early if your symptoms do not clear up after a few days of over-the-counter painkiller and rest. The sooner you address the symptoms the more effectively non-surgical treatments are likely to be. Moving quickly also means shortening the recovery time.

What is the treatment for sacroiliitis?

Some people with sacroiliitis get better with the help of targeted stretching exercises, medication, braces, and chiropractic care. If we determine that some combination of those is the best way to treat your sacroiliitis then we will refer you to the appropriate professionals.

Many incidents of sacroiliitis will require either a joint injection or a nerve blocker treatment to put an end to the pain and reduce the inflammation. These are image-guided treatments that have proven to be highly effective and that can offer fast relief.

In some limited cases surgical relief may be required. That is a last-resort scenario, though. Most of our patients do not require surgery. We refer those who do to nearby physicians who specialize in surgical care. 

Do you offer telemedicine for sacroiliitis?

Yes. You can get a secure phone or video appointment to discuss your condition. We can prescribe medication or physical therapy over the phone, as well as give you a referral to a chiropractor who may be able to remedy your condition through physical manipulation.

If injection therapy is right for you then we will schedule a safe, private, in-clinic appointment. Injections are outpatient procedures that can be finished relatively quickly. 

Get help for your sacroiliitis today

We can help you put an end to your pain, get back on your feet, and get back to your life. Contact us today to schedule either a telehealth or in-person appointment with Dr. Attaman.

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