If you have a chronic or acute pain condition you want treated or managed, but you want or need to stay home, our pain management clinic in Bellevue, WA offers telemedicine appoinments as an option.  Many Seattle-area hospitals have canceled appointments throughout the COVID pandemic, but we can see you by video and audio.  Telemedicine has proven especially helpful for patients since 2020.

The appointment will include your choice of secure audio or video chat with Dr. Jason Attaman, a review of all records you submit to us at least 24 hours prior to the appointment, and any advice or course of treatment that we can administer with the information supplied. Dr. Attaman can educate you using a 3D anatomy program and even show you your imaging studies such as MRI via screen share. An appointment often takes 30-60 minutes, depending on the complexity of your case, and a follow-up appointment takes 20 minutes.

We are offering in clinic diagnostic exams and procedures in clinic after your telemedicine consultation.

A quick summary of the benefits of a virtual appointment:

  • You avoid going to the ER or urgent-care clinic – and waiting or contracting COVID-19 (or both)
  • You don’t need to live near a a fellowship-trained, Board Certified pain management doctor
  • The entire appointment is done video or phone, from the safety of your home, wherever you live
  • We can prescribe NON-opioid/NON-narcotic medicine in any state, because of post-COVID regulatory changes (NOTE: We do NOT prescribe opioid/narcotic medications.)
  • We can provide imaging orders, physician referrals, and physical therapy referrals
  • It is covered by insurance
  • We are available for telemedicine visits 7 days a week, 12 hours a day

You can schedule your appointment by clicking the button below, or you can read on to find out more.


What conditions can a telemedicine appointment help with?

Most conditions we can treat in-person we can help with during a telemedicine appointment.  You can click here to see a comprehensive list of conditions we treat, but here is a short list of some of the most-common conditions for which we do telemedicine appointments:

Can a telemedicine appointment include prescriptions and referrals?

Due to new national laws enacted due the COVID-19 national emergency, medical treatments – e.g. NON-opioid medications, imaging orders, physical therapy prescriptions, etc. – CAN be given to you with a virtual consultation. We can prescribe these therapies to you in any state in the USA.

(NOTE: We do NOT prescribe opioid/narcotic medications.)

Is telemedicine appointment for pain covered by insurance?

Due to new changes in insurance regulations, telemedicine is a covered benefit by medical insurance, depending on your individual plan. If you do not have insurance, or if we do not accept your particular insurance, we also accept self-pay telemedicine appointments. We are available 10am to 10pm (Pacific Time) every day of the week.