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Telemedicine Visits with Dr. Jason Attaman

We are pleased to offer voice, and live video telemedicine meetings with our physicians.

If you are not located near our Seattle, Bellevue, or Auburn clinic, you may find it convenient to meet with your doctor over the phone or over secure video.

As a new or potential patient, you may find this convenient for a few reasons:
1. You can talk with Dr. Attaman or Dr. Sultana to see if your case is something we can help with prior to traveling to Washington to meet us in clinic.
2. You can gain insight and advice about your pain issue. Perhaps you need ideas to discuss with your current pain physician, or want to know how to guide your primary care physician to the proper work up and specialist referrals.

If you are an established patient with Dr. Attaman or Dr. Sultana, you may find a telemedicine follow up visit to be convenient:
1. You can have your follow up visit from the comfort of your own home or office
2. You can avoid traffic and travel times to one of our offices

It is almost always better to have a visit in person with us in our office. However, when this is not possible or convenient, you now have another option.

If you are interested in scheduling a telemedicine visit with Dr. Attaman or Dr. Sultana, click the button below.

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Jason G. Attaman, DO, FAAPMRDr. Attaman is board certified and Anesthesiology-fellowship trained in the medical subspecialty of Pain Medicine and Interventional Pain Management. He is also residency trained and board certified in the specialty of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. He is one of only a few with such extensive qualifications in the state of Washington. Connect with Dr. Attaman on Google+ | LinkedIn | Facebook If you are in pain, call Dr. Attaman's Seattle office (206-395-4422) or Bellevue, WA (425-247-3359) office.View all posts by Jason G. Attaman, DO, FAAPMR »

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