Platelet Rich Therapy (PRP) for Chronic Knee Pain

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How PRP Works and How It Can Help Chronic Knee Pain

Do you have chronic knee pain caused by chronic arthritis or injuries? PRP therapy can help.

In fact, in 73% of patients, PRP actually slows the progression of osteoarthritis; a boon when dealing with an incurable, degenerative disease. Unfortunately, most other osteoarthritis treatments are not effective.

When we administer PRP therapy to our patients we see more than a reduction in pain (as important as a reduction in pain may be). We actually see positive changes in MRI scans, too. When tendon ruptures or other injuries are the cause of the pain we can often heal the injury completely after three to five injections. Patients with osteoarthritis may need more injections to see lasting results.

These results are backed up by recent medical science  that confirms that PRP patients with knee osteoarthritis receive clinically superior outcomes.

PRP therapy is the extension of a natural process. When your body receives an injury it tends to send platelets to the affected area. These platelets carry growth factors, which activate stem cells. Those stem cells come in and begin regenerating injured muscles and tissues. Unfortunately the body does not always receive enough of these healing factors to promote a permanent solution.

When these growth factors are concentrated and injected into the affected area we see the same process at work, but this time the results are both more effective and more dramatic. PRP can even regenerate knee cartilage. It keeps patients out of operating rooms.

In addition, our offices work hard to mitigate your risks by adding an additional precaution. All our injections are guided by x-ray imagery, ensuring the needle delivers your platelets with total precision. This eliminates even the small risks of PRP therapy (usually, those risks are associated with needle injuries, rather than infection). We also add a small amount of anesthetic to each injection to reduce any immediate pain that our patients might experience.

Few other medical procedures are so effective yet so safe. This is because we use your own blood and platelets for the procedure, rather than introducing more foreign chemicals or medicines into your bloodstream. Many of our knee-injury and arthritis patients experience lasting pain relief after their very first injection.

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This therapy is medically appropriate for most patients. Contact our office today to find out if platelet rich plasma therapy could be the solution you’ve been searching for.

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